Tayla writes words. Which makes sense considering she graduated RMIT University with a Bachelor of Media & Communications and a major in journalism.

She also has a minor in Cinema Studies, but that one is yet to prove valuable in the real world. Though she is holding out for the day someone with money offers to buy her opinion on the Mexican road movie. 

When not working as a travel content producer she writes freelance pieces from the comfort of her couch and a kimono. Often with a wine in hand. 

Tools: Pen & paper

Daypack essential: Tea tree oil

Ben is all about the visuals. With a Bachelor of Creative Media (Graphic Design) and a Masters of Creative Media (Film & TV), he’s adept at most creative pursuits. His portfolio includes (but is not limited to) VISA, General Pants, MTV, HP, Foundation for Young Australians and the Cannes Film Festival.

When not designing or shooting, you can find him working on benemac.com or his illustration collection. Which consists nearly entirely of old men with interesting beards.  

Tools: Camera, Adobe CC, Lightroom, iMac, Syrp Genie, Wacom Tablet, a very heavy carry on bag. 

Daypack essential: A little bottle of local whiskey.