People often think of Hong Kong as a city, but in reality, it’s a sprawling archipelago. A sprawling archipelago where concrete meets jungle, islands are packed with lego-like high rises and the modern world vies for space at every traditional street corner. Basically, it’s a mess; a glorious, Kung Fu Hustle-style, Michelin-rated mess.

We spent a couple of days eating hawker noodles, making friends on trams and shooting late night timelapses on the streets of Sheung Wan, using the iDiscover app.

This rad digital directory breaks the (otherwise overwhelming) city down into neighbourhood walks, taking you on a tour of Hong Kong’s crazy cultural underbelly. Normally, we aren’t big on tours. We’re more of a hit the back alleys, get a little lost and hope for the best kinda travellers.

But this app doesn’t involve following a leader named Dave or uncompromising schedules – you just get to read, wander, and make as many pork bun pit stops as you feel necessary. Take that Dave, we don’t need you or your judgement.