Tayla writes words. And produces shoots. And edits films. She’s a multi-disciplinary storyteller with a journalism degree and a few awards under her belt. In 2019 she was named the ASTW’s Rising Star Journalist and was a Top 5 Finalist for Best Travel Writer Australia at the NTIA’s.

Tayla specialises in responsible adventure travel. She’s climbed glaciers in Patagonia, lived with nomads in Mongolia and hiked Everest Base Camp all in the name of a good story. Likely born in Jamaica in a past life, Tayla’s idea of travel involves dancing to afrobeat, sunrise shoots and wearing pyjamas on long haul flights. 

Solo portfolio: taylagentle.com

Daypack essential: Tea tree oil

Ben is all about the visuals. Some consider him a genius (but don’t tell him that, it’ll go to his head). With a background in design, a masters in film + tv, and a portfolio as long as your arm, he’s had work featured at Cannes Film Festival, directed international ad commercials and is a three-time finalist in the National Photographic Portrait Prize. 

Ben’s work has seen him photograph remote First Nations communities, climb Himalayan mountains with sherpas, run ultramarathon’s with blind athletes and shoot a documentary about women’s rights in Afghanistan. His spirit country is Ghana, he lives for golden hour and he is surprisingly okay with the middle seat.

Solo portfolio: benemac.com

Daypack essential: A little bottle of local whiskey.