Staying World Ready

Say hello to the dream job. Kathmandu, the adventure gear company, got us involved in an epic 32-day shoot. We travelled from NZ to Nepal, the Australian outback and Peruvian Andes.

Ben was brought on as photographer and Tayla produced the shoot, handling logistics behind the scenes. And trust us, there are a lot of logistics trying to get a crew off a Himalayan mountain and straight to the Aussie desert with no delay.

The creative content follows Tsering Sherpa, one of Nepal’s best mountaineers as he returns to his hometown in the Everest region; Mark and Hannah, a Kiwi couple, as they cycle across the world and through Peru; Caroline Bellamy as she paints her way through NZ’s lush landscapes; and a young family as they caravan Australia for the second time.

It’s an epic, and worth a look.