Straddling the sparsely populated tip of Chile and Argentina, Patagonia is a place of wild South American extremes. It’s a place where purple, snow-dusted peaks loom above grassy, rolling steppe; where bareback gauchos (cowboys) share forested trails with elusive pumas; where the elements have complete, and unforgiving, rule.

With below zero winters and summer winds that clock 130 km/h, to be ‘outdoorsy’ in Patagonia is tantamount to finding God. This gritty, awe-inspiring region can be so relentlessly cruel, yet so unbelievably beautiful, it’s reached near mythical status for adventurers the world over.

Patagonia is not a place of comfort, it’s not meant to be. If you’re after tango beats and fresh pineapple, you’ve missed the turn off. You’ve come too far south. Patagonia is a challenge – a challenge to your athleticism, your mindset, your view of the world.

Which is exactly what Tayla discovered on a shoot with adventure gear brand, Kathmandu. She spent two weeks hurtling down frozen rivers in tiny zodiacs and swimming in glacial lakes with the rad crew of outdoor experts. Her role? Travel writer and ‘talent’ (which basically means model). She now has a killer ‘serious mountaineer face’. Ask to see it one time for a laugh.