The Field of Dreams is a rad boys home set up just outside of Davao city, on the Philippines island of Mindanao. Now, Mindanao can be a pretty sketchy place. In fact, it often comes with a ‘do not travel’ warning. But like with many places in the world, if you’re not looking for trouble, it often doesn’t find you. And the Field of Dreams is a bit like that –  a little oasis of safety.

We’ve been there three times now. So much so that Ben is officially considered an older brother to the 30 young boys who call the centre home. Within its walls there are mega chillers, super comedians, crazy athletes, cheeky ass monkeys, and quiet bookworms. They live together, eat together, fight (a lot) and just generally get rowdy. They’re some of our favourite humans ever. Full stop. So we took their portraits, and each one tells a different story.