Neon sunsets and hitchhiking

Just a hop and a skip from the top of Australia, Timor-Leste (AKA East Timor) is a little known, hardly visited, slice of South East Asia. If you can imagine Bali two decades ago, then you’re almost there.

With Jurassic Park-like hinterlands, empty stretches of coastline and a world-class coral reef, travelling Timor is like having paradise to yourself. Just watch out for crocodiles. And be prepared to hitchhike.

We spent one incredibly rad New Years in Timor. Stuck in a small town called Oecussi, we counted down to midnight with a bunch of expat Portugese and a few bottles of terrible bubbly.

The days afterward we swam at deserted beaches, flew in tiny twin otter planes, got lost in the mountains and hiked through jungle villages in the outskirts of Ket. We even spent a night at the Topu Honis Shelter Home, where we got well and truly schooled in marbles by a bunch of seven-year-olds.